The $MSTR Black Swan Event

The Fellowship of Bitcoin
1 min readFeb 4, 2021


Up until 2020, Bitcoin has been a Black Swan, hiding in the dark, slowly luring in technologists and savvy retail investors. However, ever since MSTR has decided to utilize Bitcoin for their treasury, the stock value itself has changed to mirror the movements of BTC itself.

The impact of this change cannot be understated. Because BTC has just entered a bull run, the stock value of MSTR will continue to rise, triggering people unfamiliar with BTC to either:

a) Take up a short position

b) Be forced to learn, and then proceed to buy BTC or call options on MSTR

We have thus entered a reflexive loop situation, whereby the price of Bitcoin going up will not only drive further adoption of Bitcoin, but will make non-believers short the stock.

It is inevitable for Bitcoin to break through, and trigger a massive short squeeze on MSTR, thus triggering a bigger and bigger reflexive loop.